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What We


We support those searching for their GETT in many ways but first and foremost we provide them a safe and secure environment, a foundation of support and advise that will lead them to their freedom from domestic abuse, for both those beginning their journey and those have already began the process without our help.

We then provide Religious, Emotional & Legal Help throughout. Scroll down to learn more.

Reach out today for a confidential and private conversation to see how GETToutUK could help you, we understand everyone's situation is different and that the first step is the hardest but our expert team are here to help and guide you too your GETT

Need Help?


We work alongside religious courts liaising throughout the Gett process. This might mean helping someone with the logistics of opening a file at the Beit Din, advocating for the Agunah to the Beit Din, or attending the Beit Din session with the Aguna.



We work with an excellent team of mental health experts and volunteers to assess the risk and needs of each aguna. We make referrals to therapists who have experience treating Agunot and subsidize much of the costs for both the Aguna and her children. 

We also offer Gett Doulas, volunteers who are trained and take an Aguna through the whole journey. Being an Aguna is incredibly lonely and the Doulas are there to listen and show support in various ways.


Criminal prosecution is not the appropriate route for every case. For those cases which meet the criteria, we connect the Agunah to our team of lawyers. The lawyers we work with prosecute gett abuse as domestic abuse in the secular court, a crime that is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. For Agunot who pursue this path, we work to cover legal costs as well as helping each Aguna compile evidence, statements, and whatever else she might need.


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