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What Is 

GETToutUK is a charity organization offering holistic support to women on their journeys towards a gett (Jewish Religious Divorce). We offer emotional support as well as legal referrals to those who need it. We operate within the parameters of Jewish law and work alongside local Religious Courts (batei din) as well as a team of top lawyers who offer legal counsel if a legal route is necessary. 

GETToutUK firmly believes that prolonged refusal to grant a gett is a form of domestic abuse which should not be tolerated by the community or its leaders. GETToutUK condemns the withholding of a gett as a bargaining chip or a weapon.

Reach out today for a confidential and private conversation to see how GETToutUK could help you, we understand everyone's situation is different and that the first step is the hardest but our expert team are here to help and guide you too your GETT

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What Is 
GETT Abuse?

Gett abuse occurs in a marriage when one partner denies to grant or accept a Gett (religious divorce) forcing the other partner to remain in the marriage and preventing them from remarrying or moving on with their lives.

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